Client: Viborg Kommune Ergonomic


squatFront animation maya



To remind people to be more active in their work. This should be more of a shoulderclap than pointing fingers at eachother. Let people know the consequence of damaging their own body due to lack of movement in their workingday. The spot had to be silly but have a serious undertone.

In the idea development phase we created a treatment and designs to give our client a clear vision of which direction were were planning on going. The style was picked from a ton of reference pictures we presented. And the final product can be seen in the clip below.



Our Clients needed information pictures they could give to show to their customers and hang in public areas. Some of them just to inspire people to be more active, some of them more academically correct with measurements showing correcting posing to have good ergonomics.

The client had a clear vision of what she needed from the beginning and gave us reference photos along with descriptions. It is up to the client itself to decide if they wish to be active in the process or give us creative freedom.