Client: Viborg Kommune




sleepig at the office animation


Our clients had recently started online ordering for getting help at the townhouse. They did not anticipate the citizens would not be informed of this better and were in need of creating an awareness campaigne. Their challenge was to tell people in a funny nice way to remember to order a time spot online or potentially wait for ever in the customer que.

We came up with the idea of making a small animation that suited the project without taking it self too serious. The light humor gives the audience a smile on their face realising how smart the system actually is because once they have their time spot the waiting time is completely eliminated.




We support our clients all the way from idea development to final product and in this case the client also needed help with their marketing strategy. We delivered graphics to their campaigns, including posters, stickers, postcards, website content, banners and everything else needed to create a successful eye catch for their audience.

These are things we nagotiate into the contracts with our clients either on the beginning of the film or at the end as addons. Aka it is not something the client needs to commit to from the beginning but can chose to add on later in the process.



As a add on to the project we developed a 15 second Teaser for the audience. This format is great for Cinemas, info screens everywhere. 




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